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Cable & Internet FAQ


How fast is high-speed WiFi?
High-speed WiFi offers speeds up to 15 Mbps download
How secure is the WiFi service available through WestBorough Apartments?  
Time Warner and Epproach Communications are providing Westborough Apartments with an Enterprise Level Wireless Network that includes Enterprise Security features. The system is from Cisco, the largest and most respected network technology provider in the world. The wireless network is a fully managed solution that comes with complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security and includes the following features and benefits.
Users on the Westborough network will be segmented so that no wireless user can connect to or see any other wireless users. This is accomplished with a built-in stateful policy firewall with 802.1X/RADIUS support. The firewall rules are configured to allow Internet access only and prevent local area network inter-connectivity. Unlike coffe shop WiFi where all users are placed on the same Local Area Network with access to one another, the Westborough network will enforce network segmentation for all users.
 Access to the Westborough network will require users to receive authorized credentials from the management staff. Users will be required to login with these credentials and each user will have a secure, segmented Internet connection.
Users will be responsible for the security of their own computers and devices. Everyone should utilize prudent and safe web browsing practices that may include individual firewall and other security tools and take the same precautions as they normally would while accessing the Internet.
Any illegal and objectionable activity is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of use of the network and/or criminal prosecution.
Will I be able to stream movies or play online games with Westborough WiFi?
Yes, for typical streaming or gaming, this WiFi will work just as any other high speed internet service
Can I use a non Wifi-enabled device to connect to the Internet?
You can use a access point or wireless router to create your own personal intra net.
Is the WiFi service provided by Time Warner Cable?
WiFi is provided by Time Warner’s and Epproach Communications INC.
Who do I contact in case I run into a technical issue?
If you have questions or encounter problems with the wireless network, please contact
Epproach Communications support at (877) 364-5907
You can also submit help desk tickets and find FAQ’s at  www.epproach.net/twcsupport
And, you can reach us by email at support@epproach.net


 What does the standard cable package include?
A Basic Cable package - 72 channels plus HBO and ShowTime
Does the standard cable package include a DVR and HD programming?
No.  But you are free to upgrade to these services through Time Warner Cable.  Even if you subscribe to these extra services, your cable bill will still be heavily discounted from a normal rate.
Will my existing Time Warner contract transfer over to Westborough’s cable program?
Yes it will, until your contract expires. 
How do I get started in subscribing to cable and Internet through Westborough Apartments’ program?
Complete the cable internet addendum at the Leasing office, on or before July 15 when the service is operational in your building will give you your wireless password to access the internet.  This is not to be shared.  At that time any cable ready TV may be connected directly to the incoming cable outlet in your unit, and you will be operational.  

Pricing - How long is my quoted price for?
If you are a current resident your special pricing will be valid until the end of your current lease, at which time it will escalate to our normal pricing of $60 per month.  Our normal pricing is valid for two years from July 15th 2013. For the 3rd, through 5th year, our bulk arrangement for cable and internet service may escalate no more than 5% per year.


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